We turned nature into a disco with the pink and blue Gaston leash. The flowered style puts a festive spin on the floral look with a print that knows how to party.

Effortlessly elegant chic, our signature dog leash balances refined aesthetics with optimal functionality. We use lightweight yet super strong custom welded hardware thoughtfully designed with linear and geometric forms to establish a modern and minimalistic look. Merges perfectly with our soft-to-touch and resistant teteron polyester webbing features sophisticated two-sided complementary patterns.  

Pair the Gaston leash with the Gaston collar to create a complete head-to-toe look, or mix and match to create the fashion-forward look for your furry companion.

Gaston Leash | Durable-Vegan | High Quality Hardware

  • Width

    0.8 in (2cm)


    4.4 ft (134cm)

    • Machine washable and fast drying, making it perfect for daily use.
    • You can always use natural soap or basic dish soap with warm water. Brush the surface in the direction of the webbing with the soft side of the sponge.